Friday, January 14, 2011

Brain Explosion

My brain is going to explode. It's going to be messy, and it's going to be loud. Afterward, there will be quite a bit of cleaning up to do in the office, but I will be unable to help. In fact, I'll probably be out of commission for quite a while. I don't know the exact recovery time for a brain explosion, but I imagine it is long and involves quite a bit of therapy. Although, I'm not sure how much physical therapy there is to be done on a brain.

I keep trying to study. I keep trying to stuff knowledge into it, but about two hours ago it stopped accepting information and now I feel like one of those bad change machines at an arcade that keeps spitting your dollar back out no matter which direction it's facing or how flat or straight it is. I considered trying to shove the information in through my ears, and take my brain by surprise, but I have a hunch that will be more painful than anything.

I also have a serious desire for coffee, because what's left of my defective mind thinks that will help me to calm down. I'm trying to tell it it's wrong, but I still want coffee.

Maybe I should back up a little and explain.

Tomorrow morning, I have a competition. A quiz bowl competition. Basically, it's a nerd-off between us and two other local high schools. Better yet, it's going to be on local television. And this is a playoff round. If that wasn't enough, one of the teams we beat last round made it to playoffs anyway and have been pitted against us again. They will be out for blood this time. I know I would be. But I can't study anymore. I just can't.

I've been doing this particular competition since my freshman year. It means a lot to me. Tomorrow will be the tenth time I've played. That's more than anyone. Ever. But if we lose tomorrow, it will be my last time ever. I'm panicking a little bit. But you can probably tell.


  1. I am sure you will do great

  2. Just now reading this. does that mean I missed it??? Has it aired yet? Will it air again? How did you do? What is the Capitol of Minnesota? Liked the dollar and the change machine bit.

  3. Hahaha Tom... You haven't missed it. It airs Feb. 12 and the one before that is on the website. Thank you. The capitol of Minnesota is Saint Paul, but that wasn't something we had to study for this round. In fact, we had it for some match in the past, but I didn't remember it and googled it just now. Why do I feel like whenever you email me/comment on my posts it is immediately after you've downed six cappuccinos?

  4. Alan!, Alan!, Alan!, Alan!, Alan!.... Al!, Alan!