Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fish Are Friends

Alright, so the gang has been moved in and living comfortably in their new home for a while now.  I moved the two goldfish I already owned, I adopted my sister's goldfish, and I bought two new additions to the family.  Thankfully, everybody's getting along.  These are my kids:

This is Geisel.  He's named after Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodore Geisel.  He's a calico Ryukin.

As soon as I put everybody in the tank, Geisel swam straight into the volcano.  Before he did that, I had not even considered the possibility that any of the fish would do that.

He didn't come out for a solid ten minutes.  I figure he's either the dumbest fish in the tank, or the smartest.

This is Angelo, a Common goldfish.  I've had him for more than a year now, and compared to the bowl he was living in, he probably thinks he's in the ocean.  He also is probably very confused by the corners of the tank, since corners were never something he had to contend with before.

This is Cc.  He's the one that lived on my desk at work over the summer.

Cc and Angelo, after staring at one another from each of their bowls for months, finally got to meet.  It was heartwarming.

This is Dot.  He's another Common, and the smallest of the bunch.  He, like Angelo, probably thinks this is the ocean, based on the care my sister provided (or didn't).  We're all just glad he's alive.

This is Calvin (my cat's name is Hobbes).  He's a Black Moor.  He's the largest of the bunch, and the least efficient swimmer.  Watching him try to actually get anywhere is rather amusing, as he wiggles his whole body back and forth, as if he knows he has a tail but he's not sure what it's for.  He's the friendliest though, and always the first one to swim to the front of the tank when I walk up.

The whole gang (yes, there are five fish in this picture).

Aaaannd this is what the whole thing looks like.  I'm proud of it; I think it came together really nicely.

I really love my fish.  Sometimes I catch myself carrying on a (one-sided) conversation with them, and I question my sanity.  But whenever I walk into my room, regardless of the mood I'm in or how the day has gone, I smile.  Once I even smiled when I woke up in the morning, which was weird.

All these photos were taken with my new camera, a Canon Rebel T3i!!  I love it.  More photos from that thing soon.  But if you saw my previous fish-photo-fails, then you can appreciate how much better these are.

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