Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Planners Make My Day Better

Right now I'm sitting on a low brick wall, being poked in the back by a bush (which in all fairness was here first), trying to access my class schedule, so I know what classroom I'm supposed to be sitting in at 11:20.  I learned this morning that simply knowing the name of the building where your class is located is not enough.  The problem I ran into then was about a thousand freshman also realizing that knowing the name of the building where their classes were located was not enough, all trying to log on to the same server at the same time.  Last I checked, they're all still confused, because it's an hour and a half later and I still couldn't get on.

The great thing about a college campus is that in any given spot there are at least four unprotected wifi networks available.  I have now successfully accessed my schedule, because I'm on the "guest" network instead of the student one.  As it turns out, there aren't too many guests checking their schedules.  Go figure.

More great things about college?  I just bought a backpack from the campus bookstore.  It was 25% off.  And it has a laptop sleeve.  And it's cute.  I wanted to buy a planner, because I still actually know how to write by hand and prefer it to typing when the opportunity presents itself.  So I balked at the idea of using "iCal" to keep track of my homework.  Plus, Target had these really pretty planners in the "back to school" section.  I carried around one with polka-dots for a while.  But my mom told me I was wasting my money, that I didn't need a planner.  She also made me put back the panda pillow pet I'd been carrying around.  I did get a cute recycled notebook though.  I used it in Spanish today.  I firmly believe I pay attention better when I'm happy about my supplies.

Anyway, I wanted a planner, couldn't get one, and for the past day and a half have been grudgingly using "iCal."  But just a couple of minutes ago, I'm walking across campus to my next class, and this guy standing in the middle of the path looks at me and says, "Would you like a planner?" and holds one out to me from the stack he's got.  Um, YES, I would like a planner.  And it was free.  And I'm going to write my homework in it.  By hand.

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  1. Man, I have been struggling with how to keep track of my stuff this year. I WANT TO WRITE IT DOWN BY HAND TOO.