Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haunting High School

I feel like a ghost. Not in an ethereal, float-and-walk-through-walls way. It's more figurative than that. Yesterday I took my last exam of high school. Now I'm done. I am no longer a high school student. I have moved on.

But graduation isn't until Saturday.

I don't believe in ghosts, but I feel like this is sort of the same idea. I am no longer among high school students, yet neither am I a high school graduate. I'm in this awkward inbetween place that will only last for a little while, but I still feel like I'm just sort of floating from high school to graduation without a floor beneath my feet. It's weird.

It's great to be out of high school, of course. And I am really looking forward to graduation (especially now that I've been informed that my family is going to drag me--against my will, mind you--to the nail salon on Friday to get "mani-pedi's." What a juvenile term. I told my mother I would go without a fight if she would let me get black fingernails. She said no. But I digress.)

So I'm floating along, enjoying being off school but not feeling like summer has started yet. My brother's not home because, although high schoolers have exam week off unless you're taking a test, for elementary school it's just a normal week. So my sister and I have the house to ourselves for most of the day. And I'll admit, it doesn't totally feel like summer without my brother making noise in one room or another. It's too...quiet.

So until the ceremony Saturday during which I will pass on from this life to the next (college omg), I will continue to feel like a ghost. The ghost of a high school student. I can't believe I'm not one anymore. That's all I've known for the past four years. Now it's ended, and no one asked me if I was ready. I was; but still, no one asked me.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    I know what it feels like, not knowing what to do now. It's like getting stuck or something when you do not feel like going to the next level.

    College is awesome, really. It's a great experience, but a really tough one. It's like a new different world, and there's certainly that feeling of having achieved something, which is strange because you're kinda starting anew. But it's cool! What are you going to major in? I'm excited for you!


  2. Your poll is closed already??? But I haven't voted yet! Ideal summer is. . . either couch or camping!!!

  3. Time to start partying brah. Part hard til college, then party harder. Live it up now, real life sucks.

  4. Haha thanks guys. And sorry the poll closed on you, Oliver... I have it set to the default time span. I'll put up a new one and make it open longer.