Monday, November 8, 2010


English is changing. The further technology takes us, the less we communicate with each other using our voices, it seems. In this era of keyboard or keypad communication, it quickly becomes tiresome to type out entire words. When you're messaging instantly, sending bits of information soaring through the interwebs, across the very globe to the computer or phone of your friend, colleague, whatever, who's got the time to actually spell "be right back"?! Acronyms are a new class of words on the rise and it's beat them or join them for the rest of us traditionalists. So I've decided to grab this revolution by the horns. I've come up with a few easy-to-use acronyms that will no doubt make everyone's lives more convenient:

IG2TSDUNA? - I'm going to the store, do you need anything?

HOAMIG2GFMC - Hang on a minute I've got to go feed my cat.

DUWTGBT? - Do you want to go bowling tonight?

WWTTOURHY? - What was that thing on your head yesterday?

OMGLYKEWDUGTKPOS? - Oh my god like where did you get that killer pair of socks?

DUCOTWITUA? - Did you check out that website I told you about?

WUSCIRLYA - Well you should 'cause it's really awesome.

JASLMCWIJSI - Just a second, let me see what I just stepped in.

OMGIWDP!! - Oh my god it was dog poop!!

HDUGDPOUS? - How do you get dog poop off your shoes?

S4UD - Sucks for you, dude.

IKROMGLYKEKTHXBAI :) - I know right oh my god like 'kay thanks bye :)

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